Old Tow Canoe Company logoOur first Old Town canoe was built in Old Town, Maine, along the Penobscot River. Little did we know that it was just the beginning. Some of our oldest boats are still navigating our favorite waterways. Meanwhile, our newest creations steer us in novel directions, pushing the boundaries of performance and comfort with innovative materials and design. All are born out of a century-long tradition of quality and craftsmanship that make every day on the water unforgettable. Old Town kayaks combine technology with tradition, to provide you with a boat you can be as confident as you are comfortable in. So, the next time the river is up or the ducks are feet down, you’ll be ready with the best kayak around. We’ve spent over a century innovating — boat after cutting edge boat. All while staying true to our Northeast heritage, and our long legacy of quality craftsmanship. Today Old Town is the world’s oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. And we plan to keep it that way, by using our passion for adventure to craft the finest boats on the water, far into the future.

Old Town Canoe Company

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    Old Town Webbed Bow or Stern Seat