Gear Aid Seam Grip Fast Cure Seam Sealant


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In rainy weather, tent seams are notorious for leaking, dripping and generally wrecking the whole outdoor experience. But not when they’re coated with Seam Grip FC, a fast cure tent seam sealer, previously known as Seam Sure.

Seam Grip FC seals and waterproofs seams on all kinds of gear. Perfect for family-sized tents, tarps and pop-ups. Just apply a thin film to the inside seams and let dry.

Don’t let rain make you miserable on your next outdoor adventure. Seal and waterproof tent seams with Seam Grip FC—the quick, permanent solution to a soggy problem.

Water-based urethane seam sealer
Easily floats over large surfaces with unique applicator brush
Ideal for sealing seams on polyurethane coated fabrics - tents, tarps, rainwear and more
Fast drying formula dries clear
Flexible, odorless and long-lasting formula
Nearly invisible non-gloss finish
2 oz. tube seals seams about 288" in a 1/2" bead - on average this is the critical seams on an average 3-4 person tent
Perfect for family-sized tents
Cures in 2 hours at room temperature, longer if colder
Made in USA

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