Treasures Magazine - December 2016

Kenco Outfitters Expansion Becomes Savior to Workers


When Bill Kennedy, the co-owner of Kenco work and play outfitters in Kingston walked into Stucki Embroidery & Printing in Boiceville to pick up Kenco’s regular printing order, he knew this day was not business as usual. “When I walked in everybody was upset, crying. They told me they were all losing their jobs,” he said.


At this point, Bill decided that he would take over the company, now operating as Kenco Customs.


Former Stucki employees Emily Oppimitti and Kim Fickus felt the spirit of the season through Bill’s purchase, which alleviated the stress of losing their jobs last year at this time. They felt that Bill saved them. He was their present.


Finny Kennedy

“Actually, as it turns out, they became my present,” Bill said. “I am glad to have them all working at Kenco. They do amazing work.”


“Bill was a life saver, an angel when he came in. He said ‘I saw the devastation in your eyes. I am going to buy the business. You have to stay with me’,” Oppimitti, who was employed by Stucki for 37 years said. Fickus was equally grateful to join the Kenco team as she has a small baby at home.


The independent, multi-sport equipment and work clothing retailer expansion put people first, bringing the Stucki staff into the Kenco family, owned and operated by Bill, his son Wynter, and brother Jim. This inclusiveness draws in customers from all walks of life.


Kenco’s is an outdoor work and play outfitters store that attracts all types, both local and afar. “You’ll see customers parking an old pickup truck next to a customer getting out of a Maserati in our parking lot,” Bill said. “We have employees who know all about the products we offer because they use and enjoy them. Our customers can learn detailed information about our products from our experienced staff. We want our customers to get the best value for the money they are spending.”


If you like the outdoors, visit Bill and his staff at Kenco on route 28 in Kingston, not only will you enjoy the selection of apparel and equipment, you’ll enjoy the friendly conversation from the knowledgeable staff. For more information visit:


Emily and Kim checking the embroidery for a local fire department.Kortney Markle checks design layout in the screen printing shop.Dave MacDonald showing the newest bow in the archery shop.

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