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Momma Blossom's Original Pepper Sauces are crafted from a perfect blend of all natural and fresh ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added.  They are made using the perfect combination of freshly blended habanero peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, and a number of other strategically selected flavorful spices.  Each of these increasingly hot and intensely fired hot sauces provide a distinctively different level of heat, while still maintaining the same great taste. Our hot sauce blends are sure to please even the most discriminating hot sauce enthusiasts. Our ingredients ultimately produce a perfect balance of flavor and heat that can enhance any meal, sandwich or salad. They are ideal for just about any meal as an ingredient or a garnish. 

Mango Tango

  • Starts off subtly sweet, but finishes with a perfect level of sweet heat.  Mango Tango is uniquely crafted to provide a different mix and blend of flavors, it’s ingredients include habanero peppers, mango, and a number of other spices carefully selected to perfectly compliment all of the other fresh and great tasting ingredients.


  • Combining the healthy benefits and flavor of garlic created this very special and exciting hot sauce. It is robust with flavor and texture. Like all Seasoned hot sauces, it is created for taste not just heat.  Garlicious can be used as a marinade and infuse flavor to any meat or fish.  

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