Travel Chair Company Teddy Chair

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This portable Teddy Chair shares all the same quality build as other TravelChairs in that it is durable and sturdy but comes in a nylon mesh fabric that is sheer and breathable for those hot days. Perfect for poolside or at the beach when you need a chair that dries fast and allows water to drain through. This folding chair is great for river trips, beach treks or just the sideline under the midday sun. The nylon fabric on this chair is as sheer as it is tough, testing out at over 3 times its weight rating. 

The unique feet are oversized so that you do not sink into soft ground and also come with a sole, much like a gym shoe, that prevents slipping and marring to prevent scratching floor and boats. Reinforcements include rip stop fabrics at stress points, custom plastic molded grommets and seat belt webbing, oversized rivets and a durable powder coated steel frame to help prevent rust from the saltwater.

•    Who would use The Teddy Chair: River guides, soccer moms, family campers, car campers, Hunters, fishermen, beach goers 

•    Where they would use The Teddy Chair: River, beach, poolside, park, baseball games, camping, camp, car camping, family camping, sidelines, football games

•    Why they would use The Teddy Chair: Wide back, breathable fabric, portable, easy to use, comfortable, quick drying material

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