Wise Foods Freeze Dried Peaches


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Whether you’re an Outdoorsman or a “prepper”, you need to have a lightweight source of food that will last long term and preferably not taste like processed rubber. The Wise Company has filled this role by creating a tasteful menu of high-quality freeze-dried food that is packaged in a way to last for years of storage.  Enjoy camping or hiking with the family and at the end of the day enjoy a tasty meal without worrying about carrying heavy coolers and cookers. When considering your emergency stores or outdoor activities, think Wise.

Wise Food has paired with Simple Kitchen to create a line of snacks to add to your freeze dried food stores. Simple Kitchen starts with the finest quality fruit and sends it through a special freeze-drying process which locks in more natural Vitamin C and Antioxidants and other nutrients than standard dehydrating methods. That's why Simple Kitchen fruit looks and tastes more like fresh fruit, without the need for artificial colors or flavors. So keep your snacking and your life simple by enjoying Simple Kitchen freeze-dried fruit.


  • 1.4oz pouch

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