Aire logoAIRE boats are all made in Meridian, Idaho, USA. AIRE kayak floors attach to the tubes with an internal and external double stitch, reinforced with webbing. Cargo loops line the floor for seat and thigh strap attachment, and to lash down dry bags and gear. Welded mesh bailing holes in the floor top and bottom create the self-bailing and ballast system. The mesh keeps debris out of the floor pocket and allows water to circulate inside and through the floor, which adds ballast and stability to the kayak. When you inflate an AIRE boat, it’s rock solid, which leads to better on the water performance. The quality-driven, highly automated and controlled manufacturing of our base fabric means we don’t have to overcompensate with a tighter or heavier weave. Précontraint Ferrari PVC – The Outer Skin. PVC by AIRE and Ferrari. Manufactured exclusively for AIRE. No other manufacturer can get our specially developed PVC. 10-Year Warranty: We stand by our products, that’s why we offer the best warranty in the business.