Dagger Kayaks logoDagger produces the highest quality and performance whitewater, recreational, and touring kayaks in the industry at a great value. We’re a company that started in a small shop with a dirt room floor. A few paddling buddies working tirelessly to kickoff a young paddling industry doing what they loved. Look at us today, and we are proud we haven’t really changed a heck of a lot from those core principles. The faces are different, and the family is growing, but it’s still just a group of people who love to paddle and build boats that others love to paddle. All of our products are put through the ultimate test known to man - approval by Team Dagger, who boasts well known names such as Ben Brown, Brad Ludden, and Andrew Holcombe. Dagger owners know that their kayak didn’t go into production until it met the standards of our amazing design team, and took the beating of a lifetime by our team paddlers.
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    Dagger Axis 12 Kayak - Blem