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Rinehart Targets logoRinehart 3D targets not only withstand the near continuous abuse of club and competition shooting, they’ve even been thrown under semi trucks and run over repeatedly - on purpose - to see how they survive. The result? A little dust and dirt, but no damage to the target. It’s no wonder that archery clubs across America and around the world are making the switch to nearly indestructible Rinehart 3D targets to get the most “arrow time” and value from their target investment. Solid Rinehart self-healing foam quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon, aluminum or wood arrows. Pulling arrows should not be so strenuous - and with Rinehart, it has never been easier! No lubricant! No gimmicks! No pullers needed! Within 10 seconds arrow holes “heal” themselves. Complete target integrity is restored when arrow is quickly and easily removed.
2 colors Rinehart One Third Scale Woodland Caribou 3D Target Rinehart One Third Scale Woodland Caribou 3D Target Rinehart Targets $219.99

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