Sea-Lect Designs logoSEA-LECT Designs: Made in Everett, WA! Most of SEA-LECT Designs' plastic products are made in the United States where we control all phases of manufacturing to ensure a consistent quality. This means no outsourcing, great pricing, and unmatched reliability in customer service. In addition, SEA-LECT Designs is able to purchase in quantity and pass along a lower cost alternative for many of those items which need to be brought in from other sources. As an independent manufacturer of components (we don’t manufacture kayaks ourselves, just the parts and pieces that make them up), we’re able to concentrate solely on the hardware every paddler needs. As a supplier for boat builders and manufacturers from coast-to-coast - and throughout the world - you’ve probably seen our pad eyes, deck line guides, cleats, anchors, rod holders, foot braces and hatch covers on a boat in your neighborhood!

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