Bucks N Does Earth Blend Human Cover Scent


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Bucks N Does cover scents form a protective microscopic crystal barrier against human scent formation as it also covers any scent your clothing may absorb plus this formula reactivates when it comes in contact with perspiration or moisture, leaving you indistinguishable from natural forest surroundings. By covering these odors with natural forest scents, big and small game hunters as well as wildlife photographers can pursue their quarry undetected. We designed these clothing sprays to be as light as possible because the fact is, wildlife not only has the ability with the right wind currents to smell unnatural odors over long distances up to 600 yards, but they can also determine the distance of an object from the strength of the molecule it senses. If the cover scent you're wearing is too powerful and not natural, up to 600 yards away, your quarry may think you're much closer than you actually are, and he's out of there FAST. 

Natural forest, earthy dirt scent.

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