Bucks N Does GTX Double Deer Pro Scent


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All Bucks-N-Does Ultimate Advantage Big Game (urine) lures are uniquely collected from naturally fed, non-bred three to seven year old New York State farmed mature and dominant whitetail deer. The whitetail deer urine and secretions are collected during key periods of their estrus cycles, between the first and second phase of their rut and during the highest phase of pheromone development, the second phase of their rut. All our lures are uniquely frozen upon collection. Since all urine-based products are collected the year before their sale, we chose a method that would slow down the deterioration that would normally occur over time. Our unique method of collection insures you a fresh 100% pure product.


GTX-DD is a unique buck and doe attractant. It contains Mature Musk scent, deer urine, tarsal gland, and pre-orbital gland scents collected from young bucks and mature whitetail does from late September to December. An all season attractant.

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