Chicken Tramper Water Bottle Sleeve


Adaptable: Attach our Water Bottle Sleeve to any pack using the gear loop or daisy chain.
Unshakeable: The cinch top closure keeps your bottle secure or stretch the shock cord over top of the bottle. 
Durable: Feel confident in your gear knowing we have tested our products for thousands of miles.

  • The upper attachment of the Water Bottle Sleeve is adjustable. The webbing is able to slide through the slider to secure the Sleeve tightly to the shoulder strap.
  • The elastic shock cord in the rim can be tightened through the cord lock to secure the bottle inside of the sleeve. You can also pull the cord overtop of the bottle to hold it inside of the sleeve.
  • The 1" Slider on the back panel is used to tighten or loosen the upper attachment in order to span the correct distance between attachment points. 
  • The rim of the sleeve is made from Xpac VX07 which keeps the top of the sleeve "open wide" when the bottle is not inside. This allows for one handed use of the sleeve.
  • The lower S clip can be moved up along the rear panel in order to lower the Sleeve on the shoulder strap. In this case you would let more slack out of the slider and have the sleeve hang off the bottom of the strap. 
  • The Siamese Clips we use are incredibly secure and easy to use. The Sleeve will be attached to your shoulder strap for thousands of miles. 

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