Dovetail Women's Rugged Zip Hoodie


Love a hoodie for work but treat it rough? Go for it. This Rugged Zip Hoodie is inspired by our welder friend Holland, who builds bridges but burns through hoodies. Hard to destroy, the Rugged Zip Hoodie doubles down with canvas panels to reinforce key areas. Who says staunch can’t be warm ‘n fuzzy too? This one’s tough on the job, but soft at heart. Like you.

  • Heavy duty fleece with midweight canvas overlays
  • Fleece: 75% cotton/ 25% polyester
  • Canvas overlays: 97% BCI cotton/ 3% spandex
  • Wind resistant. No low blows.
  • Turn inside out.
  • Wash cold.
  • Hang dry. If you must tumble, tumble low to damp dry.
  • We get it's tempting to wash that dirty hoodie in hot water and tumble dry the hell out of it. But like any high-quality tool, this one will last longer with TLC. Heat messes with our special stretch sauces and secret weatherizing potions. And it can shrink, warp, and otherwise damage the fine fabrics that make Dovetail Workwear sturdy, comfortable, and tough on the job. So for a long life, wash cold, and hang dry or tumble low. The planet will thank you too.

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