Dovetail Workwear Women's Short Sleeve Mechanic Work Shirt in Navy

Color: NAVY

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Who builds mechanic’s work shirts for women that fit like a dream? No one. Inspired by our mechanic buddy Faye Hadley, who tailored her own damn shirts, we got into the garage and built you a classic mechanic’s work shirt. But we Dovetailed the details. A modernized fit sits at the hip. A short sleeve hits the spot between cap sleeve and tee, so you can flex those guns in a crisp, sharp cut. Grease is the new makeup, dirt is the new clean.

  • Flattering fit. So fine.
  • 2 big pockets. Bring it.
  • Nylon snaps. No scratch.
  • Lightweight cotton poplin
  • Fabric content: 98% cotton/ 2% spandex
  • Turn inside out.
  • Wash cold.
  • Hang dry. If you must tumble, tumble low to damp dry. We get it's tempting to wash that dirty shirt in hot water and tumble dry the hell out of it. But like any high-quality tool, this one will last longer with TLC. Heat messes with our special stretch sauces and secret weatherizing potions. And it can shrink, warp, and otherwise damage the fine fabrics that make Dovetail Workwear sturdy, comfortable, and tough on the job. So for a long life, wash cold, and hang dry or tumble low. The planet will thank you too.

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