Grisport Men's Eagle Waterproof Hiking Boot

Color: BROWN

The Grisport Unisex Eagle Waterproof Hiking Boot is a 100% waterproof boot made of genuine leather of exceptional quality with protective film Spotex prevents water from penetrating the shoe. However, it allows sweat to escape through thousands of micropores in the membrane, thus ensuring foot hygiene and comfort for long hours of relaxing walking. In the summer months it ensures good breathing. With the Spotex membrane your feet will stay dry and comfortable, no matter how cold or warm it is. Oiled leather upper is flexible and durable. If you are looking for comfortable and easy to care for outdoor footwear, then this model is for you. Leather inside the sole for extra comfort and durability and up through the tongue. The interior of these shoes is finished with an abrasion-resistant material. This improves the ventilation properties of the shoes as well as the comfort. Ergonomic insole which features a soft and durable fabric insole that provides solid and comfortable support for your feet.

  • SPOTEX protective membrane waterproofing
  • DAKAR Oiled leather upper
  • Abrasion-resistant TPU Vibram Sole
  • Designed for slippery surfaces perfect for trekking, hiking and travel
  • Semi-rigid R-System shaft in the sole to prevent twisting of the foot
  • Anti-tendonitis relief is a special system that reduces the tension of the tendon above the heel when walking

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