2018 Kayak Truckload Sale

2018 Kayak Truckload Sale


Hello and welcome to our 11th Annual Kayak Truckload Sale. This event has become a great opportunity to grab a kayak at a great deal. All winter long Confluence Water Sports, the parent of Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger Kayaks along with Mad River Canoes has been making boats in preparation for the spring and summer season. But, as with most manufacturing, every once in a while one gets scratched or dinged and it gets sent to the rework department. Confluence carefully goes over these boats. If it needs a minor repair they fix it and mark it as a Blem. If it’s a flaw in the logo, color is a little off or a minor scratch it’s also stamped Blem. These boats are use for Confluences pro staff and demo fleets. What’s left is sold off at a small discount. We buy all that we can for this sale. The flaws in the boats are always cosmetic and never structural and the boats still have the complete manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the boats are first quality that are last year’s colors or a discontinued model. Confluence has a very high standard for their products so you will be impressed at how hard it is to find the flaw (if it can be found at all). We have already received one shipment of these beautiful boats, but most of them arrive in a tractor trailer for our annual truckload sale in April.


List of Boats in stock


List of Boats Coming


We encourage people to pre-buy these boats. Some of the boats are here and some are at Confluence waiting to fill the truck load. If you are interested in a boat in this sale you can purchase it and we can hold it for you. If it’s a boat we have, you can grab it or have it shipped. We guarantee your purchase. If it’s one of the boats coming in April and you don’t like it we will refund the purchase, no questions asked. If it’s a boat we have and you would like us to ship the boat, we will inspect it thoroughly before it’s wrapped. At your request we will take pictures and forward them to you before the boat is put on a truck (this will slow the shipment down a few days till we get your approval).


We hope to see you soon.

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