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Wynter is an avid fan of nature and can be found exploring trails, creeks, mountains, and campsites when he's not working on our marketing or making art. 

My favorite piece of gear this summer is the North Face Mountain Sweatshirt. With its relaxed looks but technical ability, I can wear it for easy evening strolls through the woods or on my morning bike commute. It insulates like my favorite light jacket but breathes like a sweater. Its outer shell is both soft and stretchy so It never feels too tight despite the extra pounds I have put on since I became a dad, or when I go do something fun. This is my go to travel or evening in the park jacket. Give this piece a try, it has much more to it than it looks!



Finny proudly displaying her medal and holding a cup of water after running a race.

Finny is enthusiastic about making the outdoors enjoyable and accessible to all ages, and heads our womens and childrens departments. When she isn't at work, being the creative voice behind some of our better ideas, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband Wynter and their children. 

You’ve got your all weather jacket? Check. Travel Pants? Check. Fleece and Fancy passport wallet? Check and Check. Comfy shoes and socks for sightseeing? Done and done. But are you forgetting something? Without the right underoos, your trip could be be unnecessarily uncomfortable. So what’s our pick for the best, ahem, secret personal support garments? Ex Officio underwear. Read my full review here.


Women's Give N Go Sport Mesh Bikini Briefs in Regal blue



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