Novacraft Canoe Kevlar Skid Plates Installed


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Color: COLOR
Size: os

A skid plate is a strip of aramid (Kevlar) felt applied with resin to the bow and stern stems of a canoe in order to reinforce these areas of the hull, which tend to be most vulnerable to impact and abrasion. Skid plates are especially useful if you paddle in areas where there’s a high chance of impact (rocky rivers, for example) or if you are in the habit of running the canoe aground when you reach shore.

Like any upgrade and modification, skid plates will alter the total weight of your boat – expect them to add between 2-3 lbs.

NOTE: This is an ADD-ON for a Novacraft canoe. The skid plates will be installed before you receive your canoe. This is not a stand-alone product.

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