Exped Mega Mat 10 Air Mat


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Color: GREEN
Size: lxw77x30

MegaMat is the original, highest quality, most comfortable, best reviewed sleeping mat ever built and has made truly luxurious sleep a reality for thousands of campers since its introduction in 2011. It has set the standard for overlanding enthusiasts and car campers everywhere. The secret to its success is that there is no secret; simply a commitment to the highest quality materials, workmanship and design, beginning with the tiniest details. These details work in concert toward one goal: a body-cradling, luxurious sleep experience out-and-about in the wide world.

MegaMat has at its core 10 centimeters (4”) of just-the-right density, Oeko-Tex 100 certified, open-cell polyurethane foam for support and warmth. In addition, the foam has had cores removed to produce horizontal air-channels, which reduce weight and packed volume. To enhance the cradling effect, like a high-end home-based bed, the mat’s surface is a brushed, stretch tricot nylon that relieves pressure points (hips and shoulders) while evenly supporting the body across all surfaces, head to foot.

Because of the open-cell foam, MegaMat is self-inflating; when the inflate valve is opened, the foam expands and draws air into the mat. An EXPED Mini Pump is included to top-off the inflation and achieve the preferred firmness. Inflate and deflate valves are large, high flow-rate FlatValves™ – an EXPED “firstovation” (first-ever innovation). Because the inflate valve is equipped with a one-way flapper, it can very easily be opened during the night and with just the touch of a fingertip, air can be purged to soften the mat if an over-zealous inflation-master set up camp.

Another important EXPED firstovation is the construction of the vertical, 3-dimensional sidewalls of the mat. These allow the top surface to extend all the way out to the edge of the mat, without tapering, maximizing the usable sleeping surface, just like a bed at home.

  • R-value: 8.1 Temperature: -40 °F
  • Thickness: 3.9 in
  • Weight:
  • MW: 73 oz
  • LXW: 91.9 oz
  • Dimensions:
  • MW: 72.1 × 25.6 × 3.9 in
  • LXW: 77.6 × 30.3 × 3.9 in
  • Product contents: Mat, Mini Pump, Packsack, Repair kit

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