Slipstream Wee Lassie 25lbs with Heavy Duty Gunwales and Hybrid Glass Hull

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A canoe for all reasons (excepting big whitewater) . . . and at just 25 pounds, carrying it over long distances isn’t an issue . . . and neither is loading or off-loading from your vehicle!!!  A junket to backwater ponds or lakes is a legitimate option.  

The Wee Lassie offers generous capacity for paddler, gear, dogs and more.  

The hull is pleasantly maneuverable on the tiniest of streams yet it tracks extremely well on open water -- the glide will amaze you!  John Henry Rushton designed the canoe to be paddled with a double blade (kayak style) which offers many advantages:  easier control, greater speed, less fatigue . . . but some prefer a traditional canoe blade.

The shallow V hull is high in initial and final stability for a canoe of 27” beam. The stems are keen and exhibit some hollow with pretty lines fairing into the waterline. 

The Wee Lassie combines the advantages of a kayak with the strong points of a canoe.  A blend of comfort, form and function designed to provide the ultimate paddling experience.


  • Length:  10’6”
  • Waterline Width:  27”
  • Capacity:  330 lbs
  • Depth:  13”

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