Boreal Design logoBoreal Design kayaks are built with the utmost respect for quality and workmanship. Our design is tried, tested and true for a day trip in your local bay or a month long expedition to a series of remote islands. Simple and elegant, Boreal Design models all have a distinctive feel that blends the traditional aesthetics with functionality and performance of a modern sea kayak. Boreal Design has been building Touring kayaks for nearly 20 years and have received world recognition for fine workmanship and design qualities. Our superior level of construction using an infusion process allows us to produce a stiffer and lighter product with better resin transfer. Boreal Design produces a kayak that you will be proud to own and confident in paddling under extreme conditions. It is our mission to help you paddle, be comfortable and confident in rivers, lakes, oceans and surf. Enjoy paddling our wonderful blue planet.

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